Make your employees’ 9-5 feel like their 5-9! – Do your employees feel homely or homesick?

Gone are the days when just conducting an annual EOS would suffice the purpose. The biggest problem with the annual EOS surveys is that the insights are stale, the actions are no longer relevant and the key metrics do not encompass the story of an employee’s lifecycle.

Are your employees waiting a year to figure out if they belong with you? Are they waiting a year to talk with their boss about their performance? Are they waiting a year to grow personally? Waiting a year to stop feeling ignored? Waiting a year to know leadership’s vision for your organization? If you leave your employees waiting, they are already leaving – and that should worry any leader.

Research by Forbes states that “Only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job on onboarding.”

Alarming isn’t it?

It’s not the things that we worry about that hold us in the end, but the things we take for granted that do. In today’s economy, perhaps more than ever, leaders are waking up to the fact that they can’t take anything for granted and the old rules no longer apply.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have a channel dedicated to communicating real-time with your employees, where your employees could raise their voice and it reaches the responsible people/departments? Always-On is one such channel that enables you to drive employee engagement.

What is Always-On?

Always-on approach steers with a culture shift of engaging with employees on a continuous basis. Employees don’t have emotions once a year or once a quarter. Every day is a new day with a varied emotion.

As the name suggests, it creates a perpetually on feedback channel for employees to share their work experience, talk about issues that hinder productivity and engage with each other through several ad-hoc conversations. Enabled through SMS, Email, QR Codes, IVRs, Missed Calls and Kiosks, employees can leverage preferred channels to provide feedback to relevant for the management and internal departments.

Why is it important?

Forbes mentions that “Only 14% of employees strongly agree that the performance reviews they receive, inspire them to improve.”

The truth is that the traditional annual review is in need of a serious overhaul. Less than 30% of employees believe that their performance reviews are fair and accurate. The Always-On approach of employee experience enables continuous feedback which can help you with the most actionable insights and assure your employees of optimum transparency.

While the traditional method of feedback gives you information that is outdated, the Always-On approach gives you the information in real-time, can be actioned upon immediately and close-loop issues to ensure maximum productivity.

From a security standpoint, organizations can use the platform to report cases of harassments, frauds and unethical practices around them and the concerned departments can take the right actions without delay. The biggest reason for employees not reporting these cases is the lack of anonymity which is countered in the Always-On platform.

Business Impact

The focus on building a delightful employee experience ensures higher motivation and this results in great customer experience. But the real question that business leaders need to answer – Are we feeding back enough customer insights to the employees? Are we doing enough to let them know how effectively they’re delivering an experience across a set of business processes?

Today, there is a lack of customer ownership due to the sheer visibility of instant feedback across the customer journey. The management also lacks a continuous view of emotions across the employee life-cycle and this can eventually lead to higher attrition.

Driving great customer experience is a product of driving a great employee experience. Happy employees create happy customers and the first steps to customer excellence are aligning the Top Management with the customer-centricity agenda.

Employee Journey

Some of the common use cases of the LitmusWorld Always-On platform are Pulse Surveys, Employee opinion surveys, Quizzes/Polls, Diversity Assessment, Compliance Checks, Leadership Fitness, Annual Engagement Surveys, On-Boarding Conversations, Entry/Exit Interviews, Referral Programs and much more…

The biggest indicator that your employees are eager to talk to you is the sheer overwhelming response rates that we have constantly received at over 85% for every Employee Experience Campaign we have ever run with all of our clients. We have seen a dramatic increase in employee engagement, reduction in the attrition rate, as a result, our clients have now addressed the biggest challenge of retaining talent that matters the most to them.