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LitmusWorld for EX

Our ‘always on’ employee experience (EX) solution administers employee conversations throughout the year.

By enabling the shift from a one-time annual survey, to a continuous conversation approach across the employee life-cycle, enterprise leaders can transform employee experience.

Backed by an integrated Measure, Act & Improve® platform with detailed reporting, our EX solution offers simplicity and ease of use.

Talk to one of our experts today to get started with an EX program, and help your business increase employee engagement and retention.

Quick Setup and Launch

Ability to roll out employee engagement initiatives immediately post easy, no-hassle setup.

Quick Setup and Launch

Real-Time Reporting and Feeds

Ability to view employee feeds, leading to real-time tracking of metrics.

Data and AI-Led Analytics

Treat employee data as a continuum. Spot trends quickly across filters and cohorts.

HRMS Integration

Lifecycle event-based conversations can be triggered immediately without manual intervention.

Beyond Feedback

Execute a holistic engagement strategy through quizzes, polls, active listening, action planning and much more

Phase-Wise Approach

Proven phase-wise deployment to empower you to move from simply measuring to truly engaging.