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What motivates your employees to go the extra mile?

Measure, Act & Improve® intelligence to ignite passion and build a greater organization!

Employee Experience Solution
Employee Experience Solution

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Integrated Dashboard and Analysis

Employee Experience Solution
Employee Experience Solution

Quick Setup and Launch

Ability to roll out employee engagement initiatives immediately post easy, no-hassle setup.

Quick Setup and Launch

Real-Time Reporting and Feeds

Ability to view employee feeds, leading to real-time tracking of metrics.

Data and AI-Led Analytics

Treat employee data as a continuum. Spot trends quickly across filters and cohorts.

HRMS Integration

Lifecycle event-based conversations can be triggered immediately without manual intervention.

Beyond Feedback

Execute a holistic engagement strategy through quizzes, polls, active listening, action planning and much more

Phase-Wise Approach

Proven phase-wise deployment to empower you to move from simply measuring to truly engaging.

Why LitmusWorld? We’re glad you asked

Assisted Solution Design
Cross-functional CX excellence huddles to design the programme roadmap.

Seamless Integration
Our solution bolts onto your CRM solution through API integrations that ease the data flow.

‘Client First’ Approach
Our dedicated operations team ensures that you achieve your CX goals through our expertise and vast experience.

Workshops & Trainings
Front-line enablement through platform training sessions and CX workshops for business leaders.

Highest User Adoption
Our ease of use and intuitive user interface ensures high user adoption among users.

Best-in-class data security
We are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant with our agile and robust data security process chain.

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