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NPS® – more than just a score.


The Net Promoter Score® or NPS® is a way to quantify the ultimate question:
“Would you recommend us to a friend or a family member?”
It is a system to classify a customer’s loyalty into promoters, passives and detractors. But a simple classification isn’t enough.

The Ultimate Guide to NPS®

Drive Customer-Centricity with NPS®

Measure, Act & Improve stakeholder experiences

The M.A.I.® framework enables enterprises to Measure, Act and Improve business processes through contextual conversations that deliver actionable insights.

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Embed Customer-Centricity into your organisation

Initiate real-time feedback & surveys across multiple channels & languages as soon as customers have an offline or online interaction with your brand’s touchpoints.

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Empower employees to drive better business

Improve employee satisfaction scores, manage eNPS programs and reduce attrition rates, all by continuously capturing emotions across the employee lifecycle.

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