One platform to help you drive the customer-centricity agenda.

Contextual Conversations Across Your Stakeholders.


Customer Experience

LitmusWorld CX helps you measure and manage customer experience by initiating contextual conversations between you and your customers in real-time at the moment of experience.

Employee Experience

LitmusWorld EX is an ‘always on’ solution that administers conversations with your employees throughout the year across the employee life-cycle, helping you to transform the employee experience.

The importance of stakeholders – employees and customers, and the link between these two key stakeholders to profitability and growth forms the basis of the service-profit chain theory. Customer loyalty drives revenue and growth, and is in turn driven by customer experience delivered by your employees. Engaged employees who are motivated, loyal and productive not only offer superior service creating greater customer experiences, but also become the best brand advocates. Hence, leveraging the relationship between the two stimulates and propels profits and growth.

LitmusWorld, with its revolutionary contextual conversations platform, spearheads a structured approach to customer and employee experience. Together, this paves the way for enterprise leadership and sustained growth of the company.

Customer Experience

Getting touchpoint visibility across the customer journey in your boardrooms

The platform helps large enterprises measure experiences across the customer journey through contextual conversations at every touchpoint. These conversations deliver actionable insights to individual store managers, area managers & a one-glance view to the CEO through role-based dashboards. The conversation can be continued by responding instantly to customer feeds and ensuring that issues are fixed in real-time.

Employee Experience

Highly engaged workforce through an ‘Always On’ approach

‘Always On’ employee engagement solution, that administers employee conversations throughout the year. By enabling the shift from a one-time annual survey to a continuous conversation approach across the employee life-cycle has helped enterprise leaders transform employee experience. Backed by an integrated dashboard with detailed reporting, the platform offers simplicity and ease to trigger conversations for measuring the employee experience.


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