Wooing your biggest Brand Ambassadors!

Employee experience comprises of everything from his/her interactions with their immediate manager, super boss, cross-functional teams, workplace infrastructure including the software that they use, amongst the many other things. It’s an all-inclusive approach that considers the end-to-end spectrum of an employee’s experiences throughout their journey. This encapsulates all that the employees observes, feels & experiences during their tenure at the organization.

While Customer Experience (CX) covers how customers link their experience to the brand’s promise for every touchpoint/interaction that they have, Employee experience (EX) focuses on measuring how employees think and feel during every single touchpoint interaction during their journey, with the company.

Converting Employees to Brand Ambassadors:

The Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) business conditions globally, have prioritised the focus on internal customers i.e. employees. The recent developments have seen companies placing heavy emphasis on improving employee experience, engaging with them, understanding key pain areas (if any) to take corrective actions, so as to ensure that their greatest assets are engaged & loyal.

The bigger task is to convert employees to ‘Brand Ambassadors’ who will spread a positive word of mouth, look at a longer relationship with their company & hence positively promote the company’s products & services. This paradigm shift has led to the emergence & development of new roles as well as added responsibilities for the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).

That leads us to a critical question- how will we measure the impact of some of these initiatives & hence justify the investments that companies commit to enhance EX? After all, any metric is useful only if we act on the findings & that too measure the performance at regular intervals, to understand the movement in scores.

Integrated Dashboard and Analysis

LitmusWorld with its M.A.I. (Measure, Act & Improve) framework has been able to do this with its “Always Listening” approach. Capturing employee’s recommendation scores right from the recruitment to on-boarding, training, along the day to day service right up till the exit process, vitally through a 3rd party partner to ensure data authenticity & privacy for obvious reasons. LitmusWorld EX is an always-on, active listening platform, which enables users to deploy conversations to their employee base at every stage in the employee lifecycle

It’s a proven fact that employee experience in the right direction impacts positively on levels of absenteeism, retention, and levels of involvement. An employee classified as a Promoter according to the ultimate question, displays higher levels of commitment, is fulfilled, brings about a positive change, is well aligned to the company’s goals, understands customer needs & hence adds to the bottom line. The MAI framework from LitmusWorld assists you to capture data on the key metrics, prioritise & take actions, empower human resources with the insights & way forward to improve the employee experience. An organization that focuses on employees drives more positive experiences and a robust loyalty behaviour for both stakeholder groups- internal as well as external.

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Mr. Hrushikesh Kulkarni, is a customer centric enthusiast with more than 15 years corporate experience, currently working as Senior Client Partner with LitmusWorld. In his previous assignment, he was associated as an Associate Vice President with Karvy Insights. His research experience ranges with clients across BFSI, Retail, Telecom, FMCG & Retail sectors, across geographies like India, Singapore & Malaysia. He is a speaker at various customer excellence summits & events, sharing the power of data driven decision making for actionable insights. He has authored various articles & engages in the capacity of a visiting faculty with leading management schools.