Is your CEM solution making you money? – Driving ROI

Did you know that your CEM can positively impact the bottom-line figures of your organization?

As true as it is, organizations are often hesitant when it comes to investing money in CEM as they are unsure of the elusive nature of the Return on Investment (ROI). However, organizations that have invested in CEM have had numerous benefits – monetary and otherwise. They now have access to more touchpoints with customers that have driven organizations to ensure a seamless experience.

CEM also helps in building brand loyalty which can help reduce costs as it is cheaper to retain customers than acquiring new ones. Building brand loyalty can aid to a higher ROI as it helps in the promotion of the company. This reduces promotional costs as it is through word of mouth which also helps build goodwill.

Some of the benefits that can be derived out of a CEM solution amongst many others are:

For companies to be able to achieve higher ROIs they must be able to calculate the value of customer experience. This is done by taking into account certain variables such as the change in CX and Loyalty metrics which directly impact the revenue. Therefore, it is essential to follow certain steps to calculate the value of the customer experience. These steps can be applied to calculate customer value and aid to customer relationship building:

The end goal is to secure a strong customer relationship to ensure customer needs are always met through conversations and interactions. Although there is a proportional relationship between customer relationship and higher profits, the lifetime value of the customer is not uniform. This is where the collection of data comes into play. It is always accessible and can help guide companies to make corrective changes.

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