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LitmusWorld for CX

Right from the CEO to front-line agents, LitmusWorld for CX offers actionable insights on customer experience backed by our robust Measure, Act & Improve® platform.

How it works
CX Journey

Talk to one of our experts today to get started with your CX transformation. Your journey towards CX excellence begins here!

Attractive User Interface

We’re not just an MCQ. Reduce drop-offs with an interactive conversational UI.

Measure NPS, CSAT and other CX metrics across touchpoints in real-time.

Your customers will love to interact with their screens!


Multilingual. Boost Response Rates

Initiate multi-lingual conversations with customers to boost response rates. Every customer is different. Why should your conversation be the same?

Role-Based Dashboards

Just NPS is not enough. Capture emotions in real-time too! One Dashboard that says it all.

Give every employee a dashboard tailor-made for them. Should CX really be a one team job?

Real-time across channels

Real-Time, Across Channels

Measure your customers’ experience based on their comfort across 9+ channels. Pickup conversations from one channel and continue it across the others. Isn’t it genius?

Real-time across channels

Issue Management


Unhappy Customers? Categorise, assign and track issues to closure. We help you reduce ageing of issues through an integrated Action Management module.