Designing an employee opinion survey in 2020! [10 must-have questions]

The point of an employee opinion survey is to capture enough information to build a positive work environment and to address any shortcomings and problems that might exist within your organization. It also helps in measuring burnout tendencies, loyalty, employee attitudes, experiences with management and other key indicators for employee satisfaction and engagement. In 2020, one important aspect will be health & safety.

If you want to run and grow a business that is powered by a winning work culture, you need to look at your workplace from beyond the lens of a 9-5. Employees are adjusting to a new way of working during COVID-19 and leaders are being faced with an unprecedented challenge. How can you support employees through something we’ve never experienced before?

Individual circumstances will differ but everyone is facing personal disruption and worry, whether that’s juggling childcare and conference calls, or maintaining remote relationships with family and friends.

Here are 10 questions you must include in your Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) in 2020:

  1. <Company>, as an organization, cares for its employees
  2. I understand the changes expected from me to cope with the new work-culture
  3. Clear steps are being taken at <Company Name> to ensure my health and safety
  4. I am satisfied with the flexible working arrangements being made by the organization
  5. My manager takes an effort to connect with me when I am working from home
  6. <Company Name> is doing a good job in maintaining services under the current circumstances
  7. I have adequate training and resources to perform my current tasks while working remotely
  8. [Open Text] What else could we do better to support your health and well-being during these times?
  9. [Open Text] Suggestions on making your remote working experience better
  10. [Open Text] What are some of the anticipated challenges you may face in meeting your expected goals.

Organisations are rapidly re-designing how they function on a day-to-day basis. The pace of this change has been so rapid that it has left almost every employee scrambling to keep up. Some of the changes have been positive and may have a lasting impact on the way we work, while some may just prove fatal at a later date. With any change program, there will be gaps.

To help you bridge the gap, we have a free template with 80+ questions to run an employee opinion survey during COVID-19. To get a copy of the same, connect with us today!

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