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Measure, Act & Improve® – our proprietary enterprise-level SaaS platform, delivers integrated Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) solutions to enhance business processes.

If your employees are motivated and engaged, they offer superior customer service and create memorable customer experiences, which in turn creates brand advocates.

Talking to customers and actively addressing their issues are key to increasing customer loyalty – which leads to profit and growth.

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LitmusWorld for CX

Customer Experience (CX) Solutions

Initiate real-time feedback & surveys across multiple channels & languages as soon as customers have an offline or online interaction with your brand’s touchpoints.

LitmusWorld for CX allows you to continuously measure customer interactions across brand touchpoints via contextual conversations.

Resolve issues and take necessary action via real-time data visibility on role-based dashboards.

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LitmusWorld for EX

Continuously listen to your employees through our ‘Always On’ approach and decode the Voice of the Employee.

Initiate multiple employee surveys on a continuous basis, i.e. entry/exit surveys, employee opinion surveys, 360-degree surveys, pulse surveys and other ad-hoc surveys.

Improve employee satisfaction scores, manage eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) programs and reduce attrition rates, all by continuously capturing emotions across the employee lifecycle.

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Employee Experience (EX) Solutions