Helping brands engage audiences by capturing in-the moment insights on consumer preferences, hot-button issues, creative communication and product/brand perception through contextual conversations.

Quizzes & Pulse Surveys


Pulse Quizzes & Surveys to Capture Trends

Real-time Employee Pulse

  • Engage readers and increase audience reach through pulse surveys and quizzes.
  • Capture the temperature of trends.
  • Engage across multiple offline and online channels:
    • Newspaper display ads
    • Website banners
    • Mobile apps
    • Social media

Work From Home Pulse | Heath & Safety Pulse | IT Support Pulse | Employee Engagement Quizzes & Contests

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Data-Inspired Stories

Data Stories

  • Consumer sentiments during the festive season
  • Employee stories about #WFH
  • Other stories

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Real-time Consumer Pulse

Why LitmusWorld? We’re glad you asked

Assisted Solution Design
Cross-functional CX excellence huddles to design the programme roadmap.

Seamless Integration
Our solution bolts onto your CRM solution through API integrations that ease the data flow.

‘Client First’ Approach
Our dedicated operations team ensures that you achieve your CX goals through our expertise and vast experience.

Workshops & Trainings
Front-line enablement through platform training sessions and CX workshops for business leaders.

Highest User Adoption
Our ease of use and intuitive user interface ensures high user adoption among users.

Best-in-class data security
We are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant with our agile and robust data security process chain.

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