In the history of your business, there has never been a time more critical than this, to actively LISTEN to your close ones and ACT. Our COVID-19 response toolkit will help you get a headstart!



The impact of COVID-19 is simply unprecedented. Organizations around the globe are facing huge uncertainties, significant losses and far-reaching effects on their people. Through these tough times, we are here to help your organization identify the pain areas and challenges your teams are facing through our engagement strategy.

Proactively listening to your customers and employees, addressing their concerns and giving them a positive sense of support, is key to your engagement strategy in crisis times. It’s important to listen carefully and let them know you really care about their well being and connectedness.

COVID-19 Response Toolkit for Businesses: Real-time Employee Pulse


Real-time Employee Pulse

COVID-19 Response Toolkit for Businesses: Real-time Employee Pulse

  • Through the LitmusWorld platform, you can begin capturing the employee pulse in real-time for faster action with a ready-to-roll questionnaire.
  • You can also connect with your employees through a completely customised questionnaire to capture the information best suited for your organization.
  • Reach your employees, through SMS, Email, Mobile app and other channels to ensure maximum engagement.
  • Get reporting across the organizational hierarchy. Right from the overall organizational level to business units, functions, departments, down to individual managers.

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Real-time Consumer Pulse

COVID-19 Response Toolkit for Businesses: Real-time Consumer Pulse

  • To ensure business continuity, it is important to constantly engage with customers, stay abreast with the changing customer expectations and adapt to changing customer needs.
  • Self-help channels through digital mediums have increased frequency and volume of interactions which makes it essential to understand from customers about the interaction experience.
  • LitmusWorld People Pulse offering will enable you to measure your customer expectations, create action plans for the post-COVID phase and improve business performance.

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COVID-19 Response Toolkit for Businesses: Real-time Consumer Pulse